Inclusion & Diversity

Female Lazard Colleague Smiling and Talking in Kitchen Female Lazard Colleague Smiling and Talking in Kitchen



We approach inclusion and diversity with a strategy that is grounded in data and sets the path forward to meet our goals. This includes developing key partnerships, learning and development programs for all team members, as well as data and measurement. 

As importantly, practicing everyday inclusion is our mindset. We support and encourage people to listen, learn, and be aware of their sphere of influence as they take small actions. The systems we have in place - and continue to evolve - will empower everyone to take a level of personal responsibility and ownership of our journey.

Our Diversity Statement

Lazard is an intellectual capital business focused on delivering the best advice and solutions to clients. Achieving these objectives requires us to identify, develop and retain the best talent. A workforce comprised of people with varied backgrounds and experiences creates a rich diversity of thought that empowers us to challenge conventional wisdom, as diverse perspectives lead to better decisions.

Our appreciation of diversity’s strength is ingrained in our multicultural heritage. As a global firm that has grown organically from local roots in different countries, we have a deep tradition of respect for individual differences, which has been core to our success for 175 years.

The ongoing cultivation of diversity and an inclusive, equitable culture are essential to our continued growth. We are committed to sustaining an environment in which all employees – regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, veteran or military status – can bring their authentic selves to work and maximize their individual potential, as well as our collective success.

Lazard is an intellectual capital business committed to delivering the best advice and solutions to our clients. That commitment — a constant at our firm for 175 years — requires that we identify, develop and retain the best talent and assemble the best teams. We know that the best teams include individuals with varied identities, backgrounds and experiences, who are encouraged and empowered to speak up and contribute.

George Okrah Head of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship

Employee Resource Groups:
Networks That Speak to Who You Are

We believe in empowering and supporting our colleagues to build communities that are meaningful to them. Lazard fosters an environment of inclusivity. Our colleagues have formed a growing array of Employee-led Resource Groups that serve to educate, build awareness, share knowledge and enhance the employee experience.

Since 2020, colleagues have founded seven new Employee Resource Groups and hosted more than 100 engagements in 2022. Learn more about our twelve current ERGs here.